Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide evidence based, culturally conscious,  Intensive Behavioral Services. (IBS)

To build rapport, trust, and engagement in services.

Assist individuals in creating a sense of control and stability.


9 weeks
Intensive Behavioral Support Services
• Plan Development
• Functional Assessment
• Implementation of Behavioral Plan
• Conflict Resolution
• Anger Management
• Mentoring
• Role play
• Coaching
Individualized plans are created and established to support and meet the unique needs for behavioral services.

Service Goals

Provide skills to increase measurable and consistent positive outcomes. 
Increase productivity and participation.
Establish and increase consistent social and emotional skills. 


Our Team

A combined 30 years of Therapeutic and Behavioral Support Experience and Education.

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JamiQuan Saenz




CSUS alumni with a BA and MSW in Social Work

Therapeutic Behavioral Services, (TBS)


Coaching & Mentoring

Alternative & Holistic Health

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)  








Theodry Gallaread




Therapeutic Behavioral Services, (TBS)

Child and Family Advocacy

Resource Specialist

Group Facilitator for Parenting


Anger Management & Self esteem

Experienced Foster Parent

Extensive work within the Non-Profit sector, community relations, non-profit and community based services.






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JamiQuan & Theodry