Gig/On-Demand/Shared Economy & the BBC Today Programme & ME

Friday 9/8/2017
I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with the #BBC corespondent @nickrobinsonbbc Nick Robinson and @taskrabbit to discuss the shared economy gig!
Nick an Ex-Political reporter who now hosts the Today's Programme (the American version of Good Morning American but its a radio show not tv.. your not confused lol)
On Tuesday 9/13/17 The segment was aired!! 💃🏽🔥💃🏽🔥
I have been a Tasker with TR for over 2 + years working my way from unawares to Elite Tasker! I have an #entrepreneurial spirit and ideology and for the past 3 plus years I have been turning my hustle into alignment. It works for me, it ain't for everyone. I also understand my responsibilities and the fluidity of this platform. There have been many days of cancelations, not enough bookings, long long long ass commutes, lack of social life, no safety net... and then I remember why. I have been creating a brand, pinching off pieces until I have enough. I am willing to use allllll of the resources available to me. I was willing to use the #gigeconomy to provided me with #PAIDINTERNSHIPS #handsonexperiences and the opportunity to build a solid reputation!!! I am fully ready to share my skills & knowledge!!! Welcome to Uncanny Living #taskrabbitprofessional #taskrabbit #uncannyliving #jamiquanUL

    2:11-2:15 I'm about 2:11