I'm living #BeyondtheLabel!!

I had the pleasure of meeting #MaureenChiquet at her book 📚 signing for #BeyondTheLabel last night. The former Global CEO of #CHANEL! YES!!! This beautiful woman sat down with me and spoke briefly and signed a copy of her book she purchased for me!!! 👀🗣😱😲😮🤗😝😇💁🏽💃🏽👌🏾👍🏽


Can I just tell y'all how geeked I am to have spent the evening around such an exciting group of people!!  


Now to nerd 🤓 out further! Can I tell you how my manifestation is working!! I was working as a bartender for this event. Knew nothing about what exactly was happening other than I was hired for a book signing party for an old friend, And in fact I had been booked over a month in advance. This woman is totally unknown to me! 👀🗣 real talk I don't run in her circle nor her mine. 


But Devine had me sitting and exchanging ideas with a room full of top women her daughter included!!! 

Biggest Lesson I learned one that I have fought with #belonging or feeling like I don't. The imposter feeling of not being good enough.. but last night as I engaged & provided service I was able to experience yet another AMAZING event for life! 

#blackwomanmagic #jamiquanul #uncannyliving