The suffering part is optional, you know that right!

The journey to any destination must first begin. I'm 25lbs from my 100lb weight loss goal!!

Then #255


I use to hate taking pictures because what I saw reflected back never quite matched what I thought I looked and felt like inside, until recently. 💁🏽💃🏽😏


Food & I have a long relationship of disfunction. As a kid there were to many mouths & modeling of fucked up food habits.


It took me years to shift my relationship with food & eating from one of distress to one of nurturing myself. 


At my highest of #255lbs I was miserable. I was a size 22. Type 2 insulin dependent High BP & High cholesterol ALL requiring medication. 


I was so disconnected from myself my deepest inner self and the pain was showing.  


Yesterday I took the new pictures and for the very first time I saw a me I recognized! My grandmother transitioned she is not gone! I have not suffered I am matured. I may mourn but It is the process but to suffer is optional. 


I have shifted & for this I am grateful. 


So i encourage you today grieve if you must it is necessary & heathy but do not suffer that's optional in life!