Oh were to begin (Orginally posted 7 months ago)

With here. 

Today my "contract" ended for a gig. It wasn't my dream but, dang!!! It wasn't unexpected but it was a disappointment, sorrta. I had hoped for a better outcome, but don't we always!  Then it was in that moment that I felt relief and I let go of the fear... Again 

In this place I'm writing from my authentic self full of vulnerability and honesty. It's not about style nor about being good nor bad. It's just sharing. Some will many won't and I'm already good with this, sorta maybe lol 

Here's the thing I have procrastinated to the enth because I fear failure, again. Yes even when I know there is no such thing. In this place I welcome you, because in this place I welcome myself. 

Welcome, Namaste, Ase