10 Easy Ways To Practice Mindfulness

10 Easy Ways To Practice ‪#‎Mindfulness‬

1. Begin your day on a positive note! How you start your day is often the rhythm you keep throughout. Make it good!

2. Take small bites! The goals you set along your road to success may seem monumental, break it down.

3. Accept things as they are! That doesn't mean you can't change them, It just means your aware of what your working with.

4. Acknowledge your areas of weakness! You can then begin the process of strengthening.

5. Use the power of visualization. Use your energy to support your vision. ‪#‎Strategize‬ is what some call daydreaming.

6. Practice & Embrace Gratitude.

7. Learn when to step away. We are plugged into EVERY thing. Walk away and disengage from "technology" and the tethers they create regularly. The entire world is waiting for you on the other side. 

8. Eliminate by replacing the things that are no longer useful with habits that are more advantageous to your success. 

9. Collect more moments rather than more things, doing so will allow you to become your most authentic self. 

10.Conscious consumer! Be aware of what you consume mentally and physically. What you feed yourself grows. 

JamiQuan™ Behavioral Therapist