ASD: What does this mean for our current & future work force?

20 years ago Autism was a word that wasn't spoken of often, but today 1 in 68 children are affected. How does this affect our current and future workforces? But more importantly and how can we help change the #Stigma so that it will NOT.

I believe that knowledge is power. I hope to break down the Stigma of yet another hidden disability and create a place of greater understanding and support. As an employer hiring can be difficult but imagine the world from a place of disability.

ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorders are identified by 4 Characteristic Grouped Traits and Symptoms. The term "Spectrum" is used to refer to the wide range and levels of disabilities, symptoms, skills and broader impairments a child experience. Because the fact is no 1 person within the Spectrum is exactly like another.  

These symptoms cause clinically significant struggles and impairments in important areas of life such as: Social settings, occupational settings or any other significant area of functionality of daily life.  

  1. Pervasive and persistent deficits in spoken communication, social interactions including social settings, and in every day life. 
  2. Symptoms are present before age 2 and persist through out life. During early development is when cases are noticed
  3. Restricted interests or hyper interest in activities or things, Repetitive or patterned behaviors, activities, or interest.

Although ASD is challenging a person diagnosed has a very good chance of living an inclusive life when provide with early intervention support. Early intervention and continued support is how a person within the spectrum learn to function within the world they exist as well as the world they have to participate within society. 

I challenge you today to seek knowledge because there are individuals within your company that are dealing with a hidden disabilities, ASD included.