Gratitude is the SHIT

HAPPY MONDAY!! How do you balance the pleasure of life & all the sponsibilities (responsibility)! Yes I said pleasure.. the good shit! Do you see it anymore. There was a time when I let clutter #emotional I was depressed, anxious, scared sick #physical I was dealing with disorders ( type 2 diabetes, high bp & cholesterol) #sexual I was not getting it #spiritual I was flat & unattached #mental I was filled with to many thoughts all demanding the same amount of attention & recognition. And I had a job, and a house note, and kids and I was recently divorced and I HATED my life. Then shit got worse. I lost my job and I had to adjust. I made a decision to see that moment as an opportunity to seek GRATITUDE OR DESPAIR. It's been almost 3 years & I never looked back. #grateful #4hourworkweek #uncannyexperience #uncannyliving #blackwomanmagic #livingwithintention #jamiquanj
Orginally posted 4 months ago