Luxury hidden in plain sight

Social media and all the accoutrement & accessories is a luxury. 

Meaning the formula to success is great but if you don't know how do you know. 

There are fundamental steps missing... Ideas not connecting! I have been POOR. Working every day and still not making enough to survive. I have an education. I did the stuff they say do... Life still happens it's not a pretty easy story. And shit truth be told we are all challenged in our own levels. 

I'm working on it! I have taken leaps and fell and other times soared . It's taking the time that counts, to make incremental changes.

  The time and tasks to use it properly and gainfully for all its glorious facets is a luxury. A phone and the cost of maintains at the very least to access the Internet. When you are homeless, when you make just enough to pay living expenses but not really... 

That is the truth of many.It is not easily accessible

It is not affordable to all, making it not a necessity to many 

social media is a tool, but it's a tool that is most successful based on its user.

I just had an awakening. 


To myself, 

a new status of luxury, to not have to work every waking hour to eat. To have the privilege to write what I feel and pursue my interest. 

 I have reached another goal.


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