"Describe a recent project you are fond of. How long did it take? "Humm well damn.

Here is my response! Unscripted I didn't edit. Thanks, #thumbtack! (Not paid advertisement I'm really greatful)
What are you willing to give up to gain your next goal? I asked Myself that question in 2014, July 4th be be exact, it was my birthday. I had lost my job and my every resource had been accessed and tapped.

I was beyond depleted! Had a devastating divorce while pregnant, horrendous credit from all the stuff like a house that was upside down and sold at a lose. A truck re-poed. Depression, anxiety, debilitating. Medical issues like type 2 diabetes injection required, High blood pressure & cholesterol.

I worked for $9.25 at Chipotle with a Masters Degree. Yep. That was me.

I Am my greatest work to date.

Today I make more but the price isn't as important as the story I tell myself and others regarding my experiences. I am living a life that I am proud of and exist in a symbiotically relationships with myself and others. I as in (crazy fucked up) to highest and greatest feats of accomplishments.

I own them! Oh and to stay on task, the project is ever evolving and I'm committed to the care and maintenance of my unfolding existence.