Micro before Macro & the Mezzo in-between!

I have a fundamental paradigm I work with. 

Personal accountability, the individual as the foundation of everything else we do, everything we Seek to see changed must first begin internally and is then projected and reflected externally. (Micro level)

Currently, it feels like we exist in belief systems that pretend our schools, communities, neighborhoods &!small groups are not a reflection of its participants. (Mezzo level)

The social temperament during this electorally year & the amazement at the outcome & responses from all afterward. 

This is the greater echo. 

An example of a reflection magnetized by the strength in numbers of those projecting. (Macro level)

We have all these meetings for social justice and social change! Social accountability and all that is great, but inappropriate as a first step. 

The steps are easy in creating lasting changes 

  1. Identify the root cause (notice I didn't say causes!!!!)
  2. Create solutions to enact lasting measurable change. 

PEOPLE, we are the root.

It seems it's easier to pretend it's broken beyond repair than to do the work required to create success. 

Orginally posted 4 months ago