about Me

Hey Yall! Welcome to this place.

I'm not polished

And I am not sleek

 I do not have it all together and Fuck it I'm not even pretending I do.

My name is JamiQuan (sounds like JawmeKWAN)

 I am figuring it out as I go.

My purpose is in SERVICE and that looks different ways.

In this place I look forward to community building & abundance in exchanges. 

My grandmother passed 4/25/2017 and I am Processing my grief alongside all the  SHIT & grief of life period. But best believe I see the balance. 

With my unique experience I look forward to finding ways to assist you in achieving your greatest aspirations. Or maybe just maintain and more centered environment. 

The journey leads me always back to services through entrepreneurship.

I started working with my dads friends clipping, filing and sorting articles regarding civil rights and activism at 7. Summarizing books, creating labeling and filing systems, and bios on poems.

My dad was a minister in the United States Air Force but first he was a man who hustled from the burdens of life.

I went on to study Business Management and figured at the end, HATED it, Then it was nursing and well the nursing programs were impacted sooooo I enrolled into Health Care Administration but that was BORING and I finally fell in LOVE & Sync with Social work.

I obtained both a BA and MA in Social work and well I have been rocking out sense. Behavioral work and consulting is MY thing



I grew up in varying places with a root system of equality in matriarchy and patriarchy. I had the privilege of many women contributing actively and daily to my growth.

A Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Aunties, Great Aunties,Cousins, Friends, Church and Community as my foundation gave me an advantage I have honed. These women have nurtured and instilled a bridge between a world of old, Women born before the 1800's and in door plumbing or even voting rights.

Women from all over the world because they were born there or travled.

Women born in the 40's followed closely those born in the 50's and 60's, and then me in the 70's.

My world views & ideas of existences are colored by a unique perspective.

I am living an uncanny life and I welcome you to experience the same satisfaction.

Lets begin where you are & build a solid plan of action towards success.

I have had the pleasure of  living beyond the norm a existing outside of the "regular"

Some of my uncanny experience included but do not exclude those not listed. 

I lived in NYC Harlem 135th between 7th and 8th and 161 & Yankee for 1.5 years and loved it.

I am a mother of 3 ages 22, 12 and 6

I am a consultant and BEHAVIORIST as my SPECIALTY

My eldest at 22 years ofl LIVES out of state and is doing fairly well, I was a teen mother at 16. Married his dad and yeah... Naw

 I love ASL and I thought I would be an interrupter

I read Tarot

Tried it again-After 10 years marriage ended and not well, we had two great kids the 12 and 6 year old

EFT is the SHIT- Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping!

I choose to be the none custodial parent 2 years ago, after being the custodial parent.