about Me

Hey Yall! Welcome to this place. I'm full of opinions and suggestions none of which you are obligated to partake. This is for those willing and invested. The work is worth it. 

I'm not polished but I'm funny that an equal exchange in my book.

 I do not have it all together and Fuck it I'm not even pretending I do.

My name is JamiQuan (sounds like JawmeKWAN)

 I am figuring it out as I go, some things I got and others well you know its life!

My purpose is in service and that looks different ways.

In this place I look forward to community building & abundance in exchanges. 

I obtained both a BA and MA in Social Work and well I have been rocking out ever sense. You will notice a lot of my writing has both a mental health and spiritual undertone or just right out in the open. Either way that's why.  Behavioral Work & Consulting are MY things!



I have the pleasure of  living beyond the norm and existing outside of the "regular"

Some of my uncanny experience included

I am a mother of 3 ages 22, 12 and 6 & I choose to be the none custodial parent 2 years ago, after being the custodial parent.

I am new Nana!

I lived in NYC Harlem 135th between 7th and 8th and 161 & Yankee for 1.5 years and loved it. I knew no one there.. its a great story!

I was born and raised in California and I am a Cali gal at heart, with a southern soul.

I love ASL , studdied many moons ago, and I thought I would be an interrupter once upon a time. 

I read Tarot

EFT is the SHIT- Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping!